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Send as PDF with original - HowTo-Outlook You can create interactive spreadsheets to simplify others' ability to enter data into its workbooks, and you can also automate the generation of its reports. You can send your current Office document Word, Excel or PowerPoint directly as an attachment of a new email. You can also choose to send it as a pdf-file. However, in some cases it is convenient to send both which is cumbersome to do. With this macro, we create a button that automates this task and.

How to Automate Reports in Excel with Pictures - I would love to be able to email each person their respective page as a Tim Private Sub Email Via Outlook(s To As String, s Attach As String) 'Create the email object Dim o Email As New cls Outlook Email With o Email 'Add a recipient . Attach File = s Attach 'Preview the email (or use . Preview End With 'Release the email object Set o Email = Nothing End Sub Public Sub Generate Emails() Dim cl As Range Dim s Temp Path As String Dim s File Name As String Dim s Report Sheet As String Dim s Email Sheet As String 'Define the names of your worksheets here s Email Sheet = "Emails" ' At this point it may take a minute, but you should see Outlook draft messages come up for you, addressed to the correct person, with the correct attachment. DIM XLAppSet XLApp = CreateObject"Excel. App"xlapp.visible=falsexlapp.\excelloc\filename.xls,3,; Refresh the data and save the report, in this example as a PDF with a date stamp. Truexlapp.activeworkbook. RefreshAllxlapp.activeworkbook. ExportAsFixedFormat xlTypePDF, \pdfloc\reportname_.

Excel raises exception when publishing to a Creating an Interactive Spreadsheet Automating Report Generation Community Q&A One of the many features of Microsoft Excel is its ability to automate reports. When running the SAS Financial Management Add-in for Microsoft Excel with Microsoft Office 2007, publishing or saving as a PDF might fail. Office. Interop. Excel. WorkbookClass. ExportAsFixedFormatXlFixedFormatType. Type, Object Filename, Object Quality, Object IncludeDocProperties, Object

Emailing an Excel Spreadsheet Print Range as a The steps to perform both tasks are described below. I have a spreadsheet with 9 defined page breaks that I print and distribute to 9 different people. I would love to be able to email each person their respective page as a For example page 1 would always be emailed to johndoe and page 2 would always be emailed to janedoe etc. Any ideas. Thanks.

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