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<em>PDF</em>/DOC – 정윤호 & 김재중.

PDF/DOC – 정윤호 & 김재중. Thanks for all the love over the years walking across campus." "Min, I need to read this chapter in five minutes; can you save the lame jokes until after class, please? Posts about PDF/DOC written by kara elayne. nrsjyj/paperockets' fics are now available for download! You can. the benefits of being a fanfic author yulebaifenbai90 ♥ pg-13, humour, crack, romance Kim Jaejoong is a famous novelist whose only competition is his long time crush Jung Yunho, the gentlemanly, straight.

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Fanfic DL Whirlwind - YunJae Archive - Tumblr "It sounds like some of you forgot..maybe I forgot to mention it? You never need to study." "I study all the time." "Tch." "Park. I'll wear whatever I want to, or whatever I don't want to." There was a silence before Yunho said, "Well, this is a law class so let me ask you this. "I was arrested for that, actually." "Then why are you standing here? "The judge said that nudity without lewd behavior wasn't grounds for prosecution." "Sorry," Junsu said sarcastically, "But I don't believe for a second that you're not lewd." Yoochun smiled at him and Junsu could have sworn he head the grease dripping from his voice as he said, "Oh, I can be lewd... Fanfic DL Whirlwind. hi guys! if you guys remember, i uploaded a fanfic link a couple of weeks back called Whirlwind, written by magalix3 @ livejournal. anyway! she has kindly approved of the fanfic being converted into a pdf file and linked up online~ so here's the link for the PDF version and the link for the livejournal.

Law!verse - Chapter 1 - caleyedoscope - DBSK Tohoshinki TVfXQ.

Law!verse - Chapter 1 - caleyedoscope - DBSK Tohoshinki TVfXQ. Jung Yunho's quizzes were never things you wanted to be unprepared for. They weren't even quizzes really, all the students called them quizams. " Yunho turned to the class and before he could even ask, Jaejoong said "Indecent exposure." Yunho smiled at Jaejoong and Junso swore that he saw his friend melt slightly into his chair. Apr 13, 2017. Summary TVXQ/JYJ in law school and beyond. Archiving here for people that keep asking for a PDF. My first fic ever, originally written in 2009. Please don't judge me for this and read my new stuff. Thanks for all the love over the years 3 I can't even believe it sometimes.

536 - { 윤제 윤재 }

536 - { 윤제 윤재 } Junsu was sure it was because Changmin wanted to ensure himself the highest grade in the class. May 14, 2012. Fan I read the fanfic Thorn Year Korean Yunjae fanfic, have Jaejoong and Yunho read it? I am crying. ENGLISH TRANSLATION LINKS, FULL ENGLISH TRANSLATION PDF compiled by yoonje, CHINESE, ORIGINAL KOREAN, OST, AND LINKS ARE PROVIDED AT THE END OF THIS POST.

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Story Archive - Dreams of Reality " Junsu refused to succumb to Changmin's attempt to distract him. Characters Yunjae Rating NC-17.WARNING. Yo, this one-shot is basically incest smut. For those of you who may not know, incest is sexual relations akasex between family members. A/N The fic is rated PG-13 because of the huge age gap between Changmin and Taemin don't kill me. PDF for Soul's Requiem.

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