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Repertoire lists - abrsm They lived off and on in a house which was attached on one side of the church. Toccata no.6 from 'Le Tombeau de Couperin' Peters EP 7376. Roger Redgate trace. Spectrum 20 Contemporary Works for Solo Piano ABRSM. Scarlatti Any one or two of the following pairs of Sonatas Sonata in D minor, Kp.52 L.267 and Sonata in D, Kp.96 L.465 r Scarlatti 60 Sonatas, Vol.1. 2 Sonatas in C minor.

Introduction to the Art of Playing on the Piano Forte - The Mutopia. Starting with Uncle Louis in 1653, followed by François’ father, the Couperin family lived and worked at the St. Protais Church of Paris for roughly the next two centuries. Giga, by Corelli. Lesson XII. 50. Arietta, by Mozart. Lesson XIII. 51. Minuet and Trio, by Mozart. Lesson XIV. 53. Le Réveilmatin, by Couperin. Lesson XV. 57. Prelude in D minor. 57. Larghetto, by Scarlatti. Lesson XVI. 59. Allemanda, by Corelli. Lesson XVII. 61. Sarabanda, by Corelli. Lesson XVIII. 62. Prelude in G Major.

Baroque Terms All music is aimed at solo performance so you'll be able to enjoy these wonderful melodies without the need for accompinement. In the 1700s, the French composer Francois Couperin devised a new type of keyboard suite with many short individualized movements called "ordre" that had picturesque programmatic titles. Toccata derived from the word "toccare" in Italian, which means "to touch" A spectacular type of virtuoso keyboard writing in.

Repertoire lists - abrsm
Introduction to the Art of Playing on the Piano Forte - The Mutopia.
Baroque Terms
<em>Couperin</em> Les Moissonneurs SD - YouTube
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